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Portable Oxygen Concentrator with Adjustable Continuous Flow up to 7L/min for Home Oxygen Therapy

Portable Oxygen Concentrator with Adjustable Continuous Flow up to 7L/min for Home Oxygen Therapy

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Start breathing freely again thanks to this portable oxygen concentrator that allows you to perform your oxygen therapy sessions at home! No need for medical oxygen bottles, this device captures and concentrates the oxygen present in the ambient air.


✔︎ Programmable oxygen therapy session from 10 minutes to 48 hours

✔︎ Continuous flow rate adjustable from 1 to 7 liters per minute

✔︎ Oxygen level up to 93%.

✔︎ Purified air humidification function

✔︎ Controllable via its large LED touch screen or remote control

✔︎ Purified air humidification function

✔︎ Lightweight and compact

✔︎ Quiet

    Description of this portable oxygen concentrator

    The oxygen level in the ambient air is 21%. This oxygen concentrator is a medical device that captures this oxygen and concentrates it to a level of 96%.

    The benefits of oxygen therapy

    Oxygen therapy is used to maintain blood oxygen saturation above 92% in patients with respiratory failure.

    This concentrator is designed to provide supplemental low-flow, normal pressure (normobaric) oxygen therapy via a nasal cannula or breathing mask for patients with cardiovascular disease, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), COPD, Asthma or other pulmonary disorders.

    Most often, it is a question of correcting hypoxemia (i.e. a decrease in the quantity of oxygen transported in the blood) or hypercapnia (i.e. an excessive presence of CO2 in the blood).

    This oxygen concentrator can be used at home, in nursing homes, in rehabilitation centers for hospitalized patients.

    Adjustable continue flow rate up to 7 L/min and oxygen content up to 96%

    This concentrator captures the oxygen present in the ambient air and makes it possible to increase the oxygen saturation of the delivered air up to a rate of 96% thanks to its PSA technology (high efficiency lithium molecular sieve).

    This concentrator delivers up to 7 liters of oxygen-enriched air per minute in continuous flow.

    The oxygen content of the air delivered by the device varies according to the flow rate:

    • Oxygen rate of  93%  at 1 L/min

    • Oxygen rate of 78% at 2 L/min

    • Oxygen rate from 65% to 3 L/min

    • Oxygen rate from 55% to 4 L/min

    • Oxygen rate of 50% at 5 L/min

    • Oxygen rate of 45% at 6 L/min

    • Oxygen rate from 35% to 7 L/min

    Its OSD sensor allows continuous monitoring of the oxygen concentration of the delivered air.

    Controllable via its large LED touch screen, remote control or your voice

    This oxygen concentrator has 7 adjustment positions corresponding to the 7 oxygen rates that can be selected according to your needs thanks to its touch-sensitive and intuitive LED control panel or its supplied infrared remote control.

    Smart programmer

    It is also equipped with an intelligent programmer: you set the oxygen level and the duration of your oxygen therapy session (10 minutes to 48 hours) and the concentrator will automatically stop according to your needs.

    Humidifying function

    The humidification function helps limit the risk of nosocomial respiratory infections and the general discomfort of the patient.

    Air that is too dry can cause dryness in the mucous membranes of the nose and throat and disrupt sleep by forcing the patient to breathe through the mouth, especially at a rate of more than 4 liters per minute.

    This oxygen concentrator is designed to maintain a certain degree of humidity in the oxygen-enriched air it delivers.

    The nebulizer humidifier built into the concentrator produces an aerosol or suspension of micro-droplets of water.

    The bubble humidifier provided allows the addition of water in a molecular state.


    This home oxygen concentrator produces only 42 dB, so it is very quiet and does not disturb either during the day or at night.

    Oxygen can be administered through a nasal cannula, mask or inhaler, ensuring a comfortable supply even during sleep.


    It has been designed to improve patient comfort and guarantees the user a reduction in operating costs.

    No need for medical oxygen cylinders, this concentrator captures and concentrates the oxygen present in the ambient air. It does not need to be filled and only requires a power source to operate.

    Lightweight and compact

    Compact, it weighs only 5.5 kg.

    Safe and reliable device

    For added safety, it has a visual and audible alarm in case of oxygen depletion, pressure drop or in case of power surge or power supply failure.

    As it meets the electrical protection class II, is CE certified and complies with the ISO 13485:2016 standard for medical devices, it is also extremely safe.

    Its careful finish, robust materials and the spare parts included in the shipment (gaskets and filter) guarantee an extremely long life.

    Included in the package

    • Portable oxygen concentrator

    • Nasal cannula with hose

    • Medium concentration oxygen mask with hose (for flow over 5 L/min)

    • Bubble humidifier (for flow rate higher than 5 L/minute)

    • Infrared remote control

    • Power cord (mains)

    • User's manual

    • Air filters (spare parts)

    • Fuses (spare parts)

      Technical specifications

      • Dimension: 30,5 x 18 x 30 cm

      • Net weight: 5,5 kg

      • Color: white & black

      • Power: 150 W

      • Power supply voltage: 220V AC / 50 Hz

      • Sound level: ≤ 42 dB

      • Concentration technology: PSA (high efficiency lithium molecular sieve / 8 filtration stages)

      • Operating mode: adjustable continuous flow / programmable time

      • Minimum operating time: 10 minutes

      • Compressor type: oil-free copper double cylinder air compressor

      • Adjustable flow rate: 1 to 7 liters per minute

      • Oxygen content: up to 93±3% (depending on flow rate)

      • Minimum operating time: 30 minutes

      • Normal operating environment:
        - Ambient temperature: -20 to +55°C
        - Relative humidity: ≤ 93%.
        - Atmospheric pressure: 500 to 1060 hPa

      • Certification: CE

      • Quality standard: ISO 13485:2016 (medical devices)

      • Electrical protection class: II

      • Warranty: 3 years

      Frequently asked questions

      What is an oxygen concentrator?

      Oxygen concentrators are medical devices that purify and concentrate air to make it more oxygen-rich. Oxygen concentrators are medical devices that purify air and concentrate it to make it richer in oxygen. They deliver concentrated oxygen to a patient in the form of a gas.

      Why use an oxygen concentrator?

      They are used to treat lung disease and other medical conditions that result in a decrease in oxygen in the blood. Oxygen concentrators are typically used by patients with respiratory failure or lung disease, such as lung cancer, emphysema or chronic bronchitis (COPD). They may also be used following a head injury or surgery that has resulted in decreased breathing capacity.

      How does an oxygen concentrator work?

      The oxygen concentrator consists of a compressor, an air tank and an air filter. It works by pumping ambient air into the compressor, then passing it through the air filter to remove impurities. The air is then compressed and stored in the tank. When the patient inhales, the air is pushed through the tank and the oxygen is concentrated.

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