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CO2 detector / Interior air quality sensor connected Bluetooth

CO2 detector / Interior air quality sensor connected Bluetooth

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This CO2 detector and interior air quality sensor Analysis in real time and continuously the main parameters of your ambient air ( temperature and humidity, CO2 concentration, volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde ). It intuitively indicates its quality level by a color (green, yellow, orange or red) and triggers its sound alarm as soon as the threshold of 1000 ppm of CO2 is exceeded. p>

strong points

✔︎ interior air quality sensor 5 in 1: temperature, humidity, CO2, volatile organic compounds ( TCOV) and formaldehyde (HCHO)

✔︎ continuous and real-time analysis the quality of the 'Air ambient

✔︎ backlit color screen

✔︎ readable and intuitive display: large figures, air quality level indicated by a color (green, yellow, orange or red )

✔︎ sound alarm beyond the threshold of 1000 ppm of CO2

✔︎ connectable detector in Bluetooth to your iPhone or Android smartphone

✔︎ Possibility to record the evolution of 5 parameters over the last 60 days via a free application

✔︎ integrates a lithium battery of 1500 mAh rechargeable capacity via USB cable supplied


    We spend 80 to 90% of our time in enclosed spaces. The air we breathe can be polluted and have a significant sanitary impact, which is why you have to be attentive to air quality inside.

    Indoor air can be 5 to 9 times more polluted than outside air. In addition to the pollutants brought from the outside, many polluting substances can be issued inside the premises, in particular by building materials, furnishings and decoration, glues, combustion devices, animals, plants and the various human activities (smoking, cooking, maintenance and DIY, office automation, etc.).

    These polluting substances can have various health effects such as viral infections (COVVI-19, influenza, angina ... etc.), asthma, respiratory allergies, irritation of the nose and respiratory tract and Some substances may even have a carcinogenic effect.

    Interior air quality sensor 5 in 1

    This interior air quality sensor 5 in 1 measurement continuously and in real time the main parameters of your ambient air:

    • temp (temperature expressed in ° C)

    • hum (humidity expressed in %)

    • CO2 (concentration of carbon dioxide expressed in ppm): the e carbon dioxide, also called carbon dioxide and noted CO2, is an odorless gas, colorless expired During human breathing and which accumulates in the ill -ventilated enclosed spaces. The measurement of the CO2 concentration in the air therefore makes it easy to appreciate whether the air renewal is
      sufficient or not. A high rate of CO2 can lead to fatigue, headache, nausea ... etc.

    • tcov (concentration in total volatile compounds expressed in mg/m3): these compounds bring together a multitude of pollutants (benzene, formaldehyde ... etc .) which can be of natural (plants) or human (furniture, murals, floor coverings, cleaning products) and cause fatigue, breathing difficulties, eczema, headache ... etc. p>

    • hcho (concentration of formaldehydes expressed in mg/m3) . The formaldehydes vapors cause an irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract. These effects are generally felt at concentrations in the air between 1 and 3 ppm. In concentrations greater than 4 - 5 ppm, irritation cannot generally be tolerated prolongedly and breathing difficulties as well as lesions of the respiratory tract may appear. The formaldehyde can also cause skin allergies. They generally manifest themselves by localized contact eczema or hives. The formaldehyde can also cause respiratory allergies: allergic rhinitis or asthma. The International Center for Research on Cancer (CIRC) has even classified formaldehyde as a carcinogen.

      readable and intuitive display

      Designed for all (children, adults, seniors), this detector equipped with a backlit color LCD screen indicates the main interior air settings with large figures and informs you intuitively about its overall quality level by a color (green, yellow, orange or red):

      • green : 0 to 800 ppm of CO2

      • yellow : 800 to 1199 ppm of CO2

      • orange : 1200 to 1499 ppm of CO2

      • red : beyond 1500 ppm of CO2

      Outside, the CO2 concentration in the air is around 400 ppm.

      Inside, ideally, it would be necessary to avoid exceeding a concentration of 600 ppm, especially in the premises where the wearing of the mask is not possible, such as dining rooms, restaurants or school canteens.

      A concentration greater than 800 ppm is the sign of insufficient ventilation in a context of COVID-19 and surveillance of indoor air quality is now compulsory in certain establishments open to the public:

      • From January 1, 2018: in the reception places of children under 6 years old (crèches, nursery schools, etc.) and primary schools

      • From January 1, 2020: in colleges, high schools and leisure centers

      This CO2 sensor alerts you with a sound alarm as soon as the CO2 concentration exceeds the threshold of 1000 ppm so that you can act as quickly as possible in air the room where it is installed.

      Bluetooth connected measuring device

      You have the possibility of connecting this device to measure the indoor air quality to your smartphone (Apple or Android) via Bluetooth and install a free application which will allow you to record the evolution of the 5 settings on the last 60 days (24 measurements per day and per parameter, one measure per day).

      design, compact and light

      Design and compact, it is ideal for the main rooms in the house (living room, bedrooms ... etc.) but you can also take it with you to the office, school or gym.

      rechargeable via USB

      No need to buy batteries because it incorporates a rehabilable 1500mAh lithium battery via the USB cable supplied.

      included in the pack

      • 1 CO2 and interior air quality detector

      • 1 USB cable

      • 1 User manual


      • net weight : 150 grams

      • Dimension : 8.8 x 7 x 3.5 cm

      • Display type : LCD screen backlit color

      • Display size : 2.75 inches

      • Intensity electric : 160 mA

      • electrical power : 0.6 W

      • power supply : Lithium battery 3.7V Integrated rechargeable capacity 1500 mAh (18650)

      • load mode : Microousb DC-5V 500 MA


      • CO2 detection range : 400 to 6,000 ppm (mg/m3)

      • CO2 detection threshold: 50 ppm ± 10 %

      • CO2 measurement accuracy : ± 1 ppm

      • Activable sound alarm threshold : 1,000 ppm

      • Total VOC detection range (TVOC) : 0 to 2 ppm

      • Formaldehyde detection beach (HCHO) : 0 to 0.6 ppm

      • temperature measurement range : -10 at 50 ° C

      • temperature measurement precision : ± 2 ° C

      • Beach humidity measurement : 0 to 99 %HR

      • Humidity measurement precision : ± 3 %HR

      • Certification : CE, Rohs, FCC, PSE, MSDS

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